Apple is the world’s first company worth 3,000 billion dollars

The company’s stocks in 2021 increased by a total of almost 35%.

Apple became the first company in the world to reach the value of three thousand billion dollars, CNN reported.

That technology company has thus exceeded another “magic” limit.

The value of the iPhone manufacturer reached the value of 3,000 billion dollars on Monday, making it the first company of that value whose shares are publicly traded on the stock exchange, B92 reports.

Apple stocks reached a new level

Specifically, Apple stocks briefly reached a new high ever – $ 182.88 per share, exceeding the $ 182.85 level needed for the company to be worth more than $ 3 trillion. The value of the shares later fell below that level.

Apple’s market value exceeded the limit of one thousand billion dollars in 2018, and the threshold of two thousand billion in August 2020.

Apple shares in 2021 strengthened by a total of almost 35 percent.

Last year, the company recorded an increase in demand for the iPhone 13 and other older models, as well as subscription services for Apple Music, Apple TV +, the popular App Store …

The company’s sales rose nearly 30 percent to more than $ 83 billion during the quarter ended September.

Apple also has huge cash in the amount of 191 billion dollars.

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