Crnogorski Telekom ready for 5G – the first 5G base stations installed in several Montenegrin cities

Crnogorski Telekom 5G network in Montenegro
  • Crnogorski Telekom ready for 5G – the first 5G base stations installed in several Montenegrin cities
  • Telecom is the first operator in Montenegro to organize 5G testing in several cities

The First 5G base stations in Montenegro

Crnogorski Telekom has set up the first 5G base stations in several locations in Montenegro, making this company the first operator in the country to organize testing of the 5G network in real conditions, ie in several cities and on the 2.1 GHz medium frequency spectrum, which is in this currently available to users.

In other words, Telekom is proactively working to provide its customers with access to the 5G network, higher speeds, and a superior user experience even before the conditions are created for the implementation of the 5G network throughout the country and at full capacity. As a reminder, Montenegro is still waiting for the creation of regulatory and technical conditions for the implementation of the 5G network at the state level, when 3.5 GHz frequencies will be made available to operators through the spectrum auction.

As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group – which has launched or tested the 5G network in most of the countries in which it operates, from Germany, through Croatia and Austria, to the United States – Crnogorski Telekom has the knowledge and technology to respond to market demands. and users, stand out from this company.

“We are preparing for testing with partners from Ericsson Nikola Tesla who have provided equipment according to all technological and safety standards of the European Union – 5G network is available in 24 of the 27 EU countries – and to test the network smoothly and in accordance with all domestic regulations, we work closely with the Agency for Electronic Communications (EKIP).

Telecom will not only be the first company to test the 5G network in several cities, but we will continue to work to provide customers with the maximum using the technology available to us, of course preparing for the commercial release of the 5G network when creating the necessary preconditions. “Technology is evolving so fast that the time of application and acceptance of new technologies must be drastically reduced if we do not want to lose pace with the world as a country and society, in which 5G becomes the standard and condition without which there is no economic development,” said Dina Cibulskaja. executive director of Crnogorski Telekom.

Telekom reminds us that they have been working on the development of their own 5G network and preparations for bringing it to Montenegro for several years. Preparations for 5G began with the improvement of the 4G network when they were the first in Montenegro to achieve speeds of 925 Mbps in the mobile network, twice as high as previously measured in our country.

By achieving these record speeds in real conditions and on devices available to users, Telekom has demonstrated the capabilities of its mobile network and gone a step further in improving the user experience.

In the future, the fifth-generation network will bring users speeds of up to several gigabits per second, better connectivity, communication between mobile and smart devices, and between cars, home appliances, industrial plants.

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