Car Rental in Podgorica Everything You Need to Know

Car rental Podgorica

Visiting Podgorica or Montenegro, from the glistening Coast of Kotor towards the hills, is a dream lifetime road trip. By using our car rental in Podgorica, visitors could start their road trip in the country’s main areas, exploring many Historic Sites, and go on to the beautiful mountains and finish driving on the shores of Montenegro’s Coastal area, enjoying the sunshine and breathtaking views.

The cheap and affordable car rental in Podgorica will offer an amazing experience by allowing you to explore Podgorica and Montenegro with your friends and family.

Why do you need a Car Rental in Podgorica?

While visiting a foreign nation, you would like to have the most of your time there by visiting and enjoying many places, and a Podgorica rental car will allow you to do exactly that throughout your trip. If you can drive in the luxury of your car, why put yourself to the incessant hordes and limited timetables of public transport or the high prices of taxis? With a car rental at your service, you’ll be able to explore more of Podgorica than traveling in the local transport system!

Car rental Podgorica
Car rental in Podgorica

In the summertime when the scorching sun can make you faint, waiting on a bus may become a challenge. If visiting Podgorica in winter, keep in mind that some buses on touristy routes run less frequently. The bus system is average here and mostly operates along the coast. Also, while taking a bus to travel from Ulcinj to Tivat, Kotor or Herzeg Novi is easy, you won’t be able to see everything that lays in between those cities. And I have to tell you there are quite a few pretty places not to miss!

Where Should You Rent a Car in Podgorica?

When hiring a car in Podgorica, many individuals believe that Podgorica seems to be the ideal place to take a car. But this should not be your final choice. The advantage of renting a car from Tara Car will be that you can hire a car from almost everywhere in the region for the same cost. Most of the regional accommodations are situated near the seashore and offer excellent value. We will suggest you rent a car at Podgorica Airport when you have plans to fly to Podgorica as you can also begin your road adventure from there.

Tara Car is also offering car rental services in several other places like Kotor, Becici, Budva, Tivat, Risan, and several others. This will help you to schedule the tasks properly and plan your tour based on your personal preferences. Before renting a car in Podgorica, you need to follow the guidelines and rules. You should also follow the traffic rules by having all the essential documents.

What Documents Do You Need for car hire in Podgorica?

The process of renting a car in Podgorica is rather simple. A proper driving license of your native country, a passport, and cash for security are all required. You must be at least 21 years old and have at least two years of experience. Payment can be made using cash or a credit card.
It is not required that you carry a foreign driver’s license with you.

Car rental in Podgorica never been easier

According to Montenegrin legislation, every driver’s license which is acceptable throughout the nation where it was granted is also acceptable in Montenegro. If you have a US license, remember to bring a previous license as well as it will reflect a different date of issuance. You will be allowed to verify that you have minimum driving experience throughout this approach.

Rules for Rent a car in Montenegro

The alcohol limit for drivers is 0% and it’s important to remember if you’re only visiting for a few nights and a policeman finds you driving after a drink of alcohol or even without wearing your seatbelt, the Montenegrin traffic rules will not be nice to anyone.

The policeman will request for the passport and driver’s license right away, and you will have to go before the court for driving offenses in the town where you committed the act. This isn’t the only issue: they’ll prosecute you per the rule, but the court may call you to appear the next day, which may disrupt your schedule if you’re vacationing somewhere else in the county.

So pay attention to the traffic signals, don’t drink anything, and remain focused. If you are driving a car and hit a tree or any other item in an open place, you would be punished with damaging public property. If you are involved in a mishap or accident in Podgorica, you must implement some simple guidelines: dial 122 to notify the authorities do not move your car, and notify your service provider of the incident.

Also, please remember that without a police statement, your coverage is worthless, and you’ll be responsible for the entire financial damage.

The Best Car Rental Agencies in Podgorica

Tara Car operates by combining the top offers from small localized Montenegrin businesses with the understanding that costs should be similar (or sometimes cheaper) to when reserving via a walk-in. we have been offering a wide range of cars from RENAULT Clio, HYUNDAI i20, and HYUNDAI Elantra to OPEL Vivaro, VOLVO XC 90, and CHEVROLET Camaro. We promise super theft protection and personal accident insurance, friendly customer support, and brand new cars

You are free to pick anything you want! Once you rent a car with Tara-Car, you receive the same model. Another advantage has been the security cost of 100-200 euros. But what’s even more astonishing is that there are automobiles available for hire that require a security deposit of only 50 euros. Several big car rental services charge up to 1200 euros for the security deposit. Tara Car is a perfect option to consider for your trip from Podgorica across Montenegro.

Do you want to hire a car in Bar, Novi, Risan, Kotor or Tivat? Not a big problem. Get in touch with us now and get the best quotes for your car trip that is the best car rental Podgorica offering the best services at the lowest prices.

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