A Scientific Review of Iaso Tea for Weight Loss

Iaso Teas a weight loss tea

Weight reduction teas have grown increasingly popular as a technique to lose weight quickly and easily.
Iaso Tea, for example, claims to help with weight loss by promoting intestinal cleansing.
Some consumers claim to have had excellent outcomes, but how reliable are these claims?
We examine Iaso Tea claims against scientific evidence to discover if the product is as good as it claims.

What exactly is Iaso Tea?

Iaso Tea is a herbal tea made from a combination of nine herbs, spices, and fruits, including:
• Thistle of blessing
• Papaya
• Myrrh
• Sacred thistle
• Leaves of persimmon
• Leaves of Malva
• Leaves from a marshmallow
• Ginger
• Chamomile

Total Life Changes, a marketing business based in the United States, produces tea, which can only be purchased online through their website or Amazon.

Customers are encouraged to become “Independent Business Owners” by distributing the items themselves through the multi-level marketing organization, which provides various health, wellness, and beauty supplements.
Their goal is to create high-quality, all-natural products that provide quick results and long-term wellness.
To make the tea, combine two teabags with one quart (1.14 L) of boiling water and steep for at least four hours. The tea is then refrigerated after being added three quarts (3.4 L) of cold water.

Iaso Teas a weight loss tea
Iaso Tea, for a quick and easy weight loss

This makes four quarts of tea (4.5 L), which is enough for around a week’s worth of recommended servings. The tea’s creators advocate drinking two 8-ounce (236-milliliter) glasses per day.

Iaso Tea is available in a $50 bundle that includes five sachets of tea. A complete packet will last you roughly five weeks because each sachet contains a week’s worth of servings. This works out to about $0.71 per glass.
Iaso Tea’s creators say that their unique mixture aids in weight loss and gut detoxification. Within five days, they guarantee measurable weight loss.

What Are the Benefits of Weight Loss Teas?

There are many weight loss teas on the market, many claiming to help you lose weight quickly and easily.
Drinking low-calorie fluids like tea is a terrific method to enhance your fluid intake, which is vital for a healthy lifestyle and may aid with calorie reduction.

However, the adverse side effects of weight reduction teas, which typically contain diuretics or laxatives, are likely to outweigh these advantages.

Long-term use of diuretics and laxatives can lead to dehydration, stomach aches, diarrhea, electrolyte imbalance (the body’s levels of essential minerals), and reliance on laxatives to open your bowels.

Because weight reduction teas contain laxatives and diuretics, they can cause a minor, short-term weight loss, but this is merely water weight. This may give you the impression that you’ve shed a few pounds, and the scale may confirm it, but it’s not the same as fat loss.

Maintaining a negative energy balance is the only way to lose weight. This means you need to consume fewer calories (energy) each day than your body utilizes daily activities and exercise.

Some weight-loss teas promise to promote weight loss by boosting the body’s “fat-burning” capacity with chemicals like caffeine or green tea (none of which are included in Iaso Tea).

While caffeine has been demonstrated to aid weight loss, the benefit is minor and fades quickly as the body adjusts to the stimulant’s increasing presence.

Weight loss teas frequently include a pre-determined diet and exercise program, or at the very least, instruction on how to achieve a calorie deficit through diet and exercise (essentially eating less and moving more).

This is the only part of a weight-loss tea regimen that can lead to long-term weight loss. Weight loss is unlikely to be aided only by the tea. On the other hand, ordinary tea is a low-calorie beverage that can replace higher-calorie drinks like sodas while trying to lose weight. Tea and other low-calorie beverages can be purchased in-store and provide the same low-calorie benefits without the expensive price tag.

Benefits of Iaso Tea

The marketers of Iaso Tea say that drinking their tea has a variety of health benefits.
Below, we’ll look at each of Iaso Tea’s primary claims.

Weight Loss That Can Be Measured in Just Five Days

Users can expect to lose up to five pounds in five days, according to the website.
Every day for five days would necessitate a calorie deficit of nearly 3,500 calories! For the most part, this is out of reach for most people, and it would certainly not be done healthily.
Instead, the diuretic qualities of blessed thistle, one of the tea’s constituents, are likely to cause a quick loss of water weight in those who drink it. So, just because you weigh a little less doesn’t indicate you’ve shed five pounds of fat.

Continued Use Leads to Long-Term Weight Loss

Iaso Tea’s creators make no mention of the necessity to drink the tea in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet or exercise routine. A calorie deficit is required for long-term fat loss.

Customers who consume Iaso Tea regularly will be exposed to diuretics for an extended period.
This means that their bodies will be flushing out surplus water regularly. When the user stops drinking the tea, their body will return to average water retention, and any water weight lost will be swiftly recovered.

Persimmon leaves, which are a natural laxative, are also included in Iaso Tea. Constipation is treated using laxatives, which cause the bowels to open.

Some people assume that taking laxatives will prevent them from absorbing calories and gaining weight. On the other hand, abuse of laxatives can lead to eating disorders and have negative health consequences.
There is some suggestion that ginger, another component in Iaso Tea, can help people lose weight, but only a smidgeon, and not enough to make a substantial difference in their BMI (BMI).

Furthermore, there isn’t enough ginger in the tea for you to detect a difference.

The Digestive System Must Be Detoxified

“Iaso Tea flushes toxic toxins from the upper and lower intestines,” according to the manufacturer.
The majority of us come into contact with poisons daily. On the other hand, the human body can break down and eliminate these substances through its sophisticated detoxification system, including the liver, kidneys, and skin.
This system prevents pollutants from accumulating, and if it were to fail, the person would quickly become unwell.
There is no evidence that supplements are needed to enhance this system, and experts concur that so-called “detox” items are ineffective.

Papaya and myrrh, according to the business, offer antibacterial and stomach healing effects.
Only rats have been found to benefit from papaya extract as a therapy for stomach ulcers.
Meanwhile, myrrh is occasionally included in mouthwashes because of its antibacterial properties, but there is no scientific evidence that it works in humans.

Physical stamina and mental clarity have both improved.

As a result of the alleged cleansing, they also guarantee increased physical vitality and mental clarity.
Positive mental improvements such as perceived vitality and clarity may occur if Iaso Tea is used alongside nutrition and exercise habits changes.
According to studies, people who eat very well and exercise regularly are more likely to express well-being and happiness. These possible benefits, however, would not be attributed to simply drinking tea.

Improves Sleep Quality

Iaso Tea contains chamomile and a herb said to have sedative and sleep-inducing qualities by many.
There is, however, insufficient clinical data to back up these assertions.
The diuretic effects of Iaso Tea are likely to keep you awake at night!

Reviews of Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea appears to have generally excellent web evaluations at first glance.
Many videos, blog posts, and online publications extol the tea and its benefits.
Because Iaso Tea is a multi-level marketing product, many of the reviews are written by people who are also selling it, so you’ll have to dig a little deeper to discover objective feedback.
At the time of purchase, the Total Life Company website does not include a rating and review section for Iaso Tea.
Other sites that include Iaso Tea reviews are all very positive, but these sites also feature links to buy the tea, so be skeptical of the source’s authenticity.

The tea received mixed reviews on Amazon, with 56 percent of buyers giving it four or five stars and 35 percent of people giving it one or two stars.

Some consumers claim that the tea helped them lose weight and that they were pleased with the outcomes, albeit the numbers lost aren’t indicated.

Others claimed that the tea had no effect on their weight and that the results were disappointing.

Side Effects of Iaso Tea

Side Effects of Iaso Tea 1 The majority of Iaso Tea reviews address its negative side effects.
Stomach pains, gas and bloating, loose and foul-smelling feces, frequent urination, and headaches are the most commonly reported adverse effects.

These are mild, transient adverse effects, according to online vendors, and are simply a result of the tea removing all harmful poisons from the body. They claim that headaches are caused by moderate dehydration and advise customers to drink plenty of water to alleviate the problem.

Diuretic-induced urination paired with diarrhea, on the other hand, can swiftly lead to severe dehydration, which can be deadly.

Furthermore, studies have indicated that prolonged diuretic usage is linked to a higher risk of death in persons with long-term illnesses like hypertension and heart failure.

What Can You Expect From Iaso Tea?

The manufacturers of Iaso Tea make claims of miracle weight loss and other health benefits that are simply too fantastic to be true.

You might expect a small, short-term weight loss from Iaso Tea’s diuretic effects, which stimulate the reduction of water weight if you start drinking it.

This weight loss, however, is mostly water and will most certainly be restored after you stop consuming Iaso Tea.

Drinking two cups of normal tea every day is an excellent method to enhance your fluid and antioxidant intake, both of which are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

However, in the case of Iaso Tea, its diuretic qualities and proclivity for causing diarrhea and dehydration may outweigh this.

Creating and sustaining a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.
The best way to address this is to make small, long-term modifications to your diet and lifestyle rather than purchasing a pricey “weight-loss” tea.

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