Rafting Camp in Montenegro: A Guide How to Choose The Best Camp

White water rafting on the river Tara in Montenegro

A rafting trip on a whitewater river is considered to be one of the most exhilarating experiences on the planet. It’s impossible to beat whitewater rafting, whether it’s the cool water splashing against your face or the heart-pounding plunge down the river.

Nevertheless, you should always make sure you are working with a qualified and experienced rafting company before heading out on your adventure. In order to ensure a fun trip while minimizing risks, it is extremely important that the rafting company you choose takes proper safety measures. There are other factors to consider when choosing a rafting camp in Montenegro.

Rafting camp in Montenegro

In this post, we’ll discuss what to look for when choosing a rafting camp in Montenegro. Check this list before you go on your next whitewater rafting in Montenegro to ensure the company you choose can handle the job safely and effectively.

Choosing Rafting Camp In Montenegro

Experience of the camp and staff

How long has the company been in business is an important and common first question, but it misses a very important aspect of the question. In addition to how long they’ve been in business it is important to know how long they are in business?.  And what is the current skipper’s experience?”. A long-standing company with inexperienced operators may raise red flags.

Reputable Guide Training

One great quality of a rafting camp involves their level of training. If the company makes it very clear that their raft guides go through a rigorous training program, then that is a very good sign. 

Does the camp train its own guides or does it hire guides from outside? Before you begin your experience, be sure to ask the company what kind of certification the guides have to obtain, and you might even ask about the kind of training the guides have to go through. That way, you have no surprises when it comes to their expertise in the field.

Safety Instructions

Safety procedures are another sign of a good whitewater rafting company. Before embarking on your adventure, be sure you know what you’re doing. Be sure all trips begin with Safety instructions that discuss the do’s and don’t’s of whitewater rafting. 

Unexpected things can happen while rafting – part of the thrill – and you want to know how to respond in the event of the unexpected. A good safety instruction will cover the equipment you are wearing, how to rescue if you fall out of the raft, non-verbal communications used while rafting, and safe ways to swim if you find yourself in the water, either voluntarily or by surprise. A good company should carry radios or other communication devices on all trips.

Good Equipment

A rafting company should be using modern, and very good equipment. As technology and gear become more advanced, rafting companies should be periodically upgrading their equipment to stay updated with industry standards. 

Not only is this safer for guests, but it demonstrates that the company is professional and reputable. However, simply having updated equipment isn’t enough; it must also be used correctly.

Proper Safety Checks

In addition to having up-to-date equipment, the whitewater rafting company in Montenegro should also perform regular safety checks to ensure the gear is being used properly. All rafting participants must wear a:

  • Personal Floatation Device 
  • Shoes or sandals the secure over the heel and will not come off like flip flops or Crocs
  • Helmet

Before a rafting excursion, the company should always equip guests with this gear, and guides must also always ensure that the participants are wearing the equipment properly. PFDs need to be adjusted snugly and helmets should be worn at all times while on the river. Additionally, all PFDs must be approved by the authority institutions and this gear will be marked to show that they passed a standardized testing process.

What Is Included In The Day Tour Rafting

Cold water is often a part of rafting and you may want to get additional optional equipment to ensure your comfort while rafting. Most companies offer wetsuits, river boots, and splash jackets on their trips. You should find out if these items are provided free of charge or if there is a rental fee.  These can cost 10 EUR or more per person to rent. 

Lunch should be provided if you are going on an all-day adventure. Find out if special dietary requirements can be accommodated on your trip if you have any.

Rafting Trip With Camp Modra Rijeka

Here at the Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka, we’ve been putting smiles on faces for the last 20 years. You won’t find anything like our exhilarating, heart-pounding whitewater rafting adventures. We are proud to have a wide range of rafting tours from beginners trips to trips for extreme rafters. 

Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka offers fun activities for active vacationers, including river rafting on the Tara River, a visit to the ‘Nevidio’ Canyon, Piva Lake cruise, jeep safari tour around Durmitor, zip line across Piva Lake, cycling and hiking, mountaineering, fishing, etc. Skippers in the Camp are professionals with all the licenses provided, and the equipment used is professional and top quality.

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[…] Rafting Camp in Montenegro: A Guide How to Choose The Best Camp […]

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