Rafting Tara in Montenegro a lifetime adventure

Rafting Tara in Montenegro is the best white water adventure in Europe

Are you looking for a breathtaking rafting in Montenegro? Head over to Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Rafting Tara trip will be one you won’t soon forget, and the views along the way are incredible.

Untouched nature, crystal clear water of the river Tara and its sparkling rapids are an ideal combination for all people with an adventurous spirit. Eager for new challenges, adrenaline, and active vacation.

What is rafting Tara, tips for those without experience

Rafting is a white water extreme sport in which a group of at least 4 and at most 12 people go down the river rapids in a rubber boat, specially made for wild and fast waters (white waters). You do not need to experience rafting Tara, and once you try this type of recreation, you will surely want to come back for another “adrenaline dose”.

White water rafting on the river Tara in Montenegro

Each boat has its skipper, an experienced rower who will inform you in detail about everything important for the descent before it starts, and during the adventure itself. In addition to managing your boat, he is also in charge of your safety.

Equipment needed for rafting on the river Tara includes a life jacket, a neoprene suit, boots, and a helmet. You will get all the equipment in the camp where you are staying. One Tara rafting tour usually lasts a little less than four hours with breaks for swimming, painting, and enjoying nature.

Pro Tip: Be sure to bring a bathing suit, as well as a cream with a protective factor for your face. Try not to carry too many personal items. When it comes to cameras and mobile phones, don’t worry, be safe in bags made of waterproof material on the boat.

When is the best time for Tara rafting?

First of all, we would like to emphasize that for this adventure, like all others, the emphasis is on socializing, having fun with your team, and positive energy. Therefore, embark on this journey with your company or family, so that everyone can be in the same boat and experience this unforgettable experience together!

Rafting Tara river in Montenegro
Rafting Tara river in Montenegro

When it comes to organized rafting in our region, it is the most exciting on the Tara River, especially in early spring. During the summer, the water level of the river starts to fall, so this period is ideal for those who are less experienced. All in all, fun is always guaranteed!

Rafting Tara – information about the river

The Tara River is about 146 km long and flows through Montenegro, and the last 40 km of its flow is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The depth of the Tara River canyon is 1333 m, which makes it the deepest in Europe, and the second in a row in the world just behind the Colorado canyon. Tara Canyon and most of the river are under the protection of UNESCO, within the Durmitor National Park.

The very end of the stream, more precisely the last 25 km of Tara and its canyon, represent the most attractive part for rafting, with interesting rapids and obstacles.

Where is rafting camp Modra Rijeka located?

The camp is located on the river bank Piva, in Scepan Polje, in Montenegro.

Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka offers you a fabulous Rafting Tara river adventure, with licensed guides and professional equipment. Camp’s accommodation in houses and bungalows built of completely natural materials, mostly of wood, and allow you to completely abandon nature and complete enjoyment.

Rafting camp Modra Rijeka restaurant
Restaurant in the camp Modra Rijeka

The rooms are double, triple, four-bed, five-bed, and six-bed rooms with bathrooms, and the terraces overlooking the river offer a possibility of unforgettable relaxation and feelings of harmony. The restaurant of the rafting camp Modra Rijeka has around 200 seats arranged in the inner part, covered and exposed terraces near the river.

The restaurant team will ensure that national specialties with a variety of dishes (gourmet, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dishes of your choice). Rafting Camp is the winner of the Big gold medal for best rafting camp in the region at the 50th International tourism fair, 2017.

As part of the organized Rafting Tara tours, the camp provides all the necessary equipment for its visitors and, of course, a licensed skipper.

In addition to rafting, you can complete your vacation with a day trip in nature, visiting the most attractive locations, mountains, and lakes in the area. What is especially interesting for tourists are the night excursions on these mountaineering tours.

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